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The Employment Drought May Be Getting Better…Despite Other News

Posted by Dana Fink, Director of Staffing at Glenmont Group A fishing sign in at one of the dry pools at the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in Hudson, Kansas There is a drought across 55% of the US and we have certainly

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Did Your College Do Its Job to Get You a Job?

Posted by Adam Weissman, Director, IT and Legal Technology at Glenmont Group As a recruiter who specializes in legal technology staffing, and as someone who has also been on the employment search side, I constantly keep a close eye on

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Doomsday Planning – Have You Done Yours?

Posted by Adam Weissman, Director of IT & Legal Technology at Glenmont Group So, the ancient Mayan calendar predicting Earth’s ultimate destruction and obliteration into dust, to be floated out into the infinite galaxy of once-was stars, apparently failed to

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Meet The Super Commuters

Posted by Kate Potters, COO at Glenmont Group Super Commuting or long-distance commuting typically involves Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I was listening to the radio as I was driving the 1.2 miles home from work the other day and heard

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