Pick A Card Group, Any Card Group

Posted by Joe Alonzo, Director of eDiscovery/Computer Forensics at Glenmont Group

ILTA, ARMA, AIIM, ALSP, ECALSM, bDiscovery…the list goes on.   You may have asked yourself, “Which one is for me?”, or “Do I even need to get involved in something like this?”. The short answer is yes, definitely! Get involved and find an association that is closely aligned with your long term career goals.

There are many benefits of joining industry associations, but I think the biggest overall benefit is education and keeping up with the latest technologies and industry trends.  Depending on your involvement with an industry association, it may take up a small amount of your time, but the long term benefit will likely be worth it.  This is a fast paced, evolving industry and the people with a deeper breadth of knowledge are the ones who make it farther in their careers.

Look at Judge Peck’s decision on predictive coding, for example.  This has been one of the most widely discussed topics in the recent past, but the people who took a deep dive into this case and understand the workflow on predictive coding, or understand the true differences between predictive coding and TAR are getting the higher salaries when it comes time for an offer.

I recently co-founded the NY Chapter of the ALSP and have put together a high caliber steering committee.  Our overall goal is to serve as an advocate for the development of global professional standards for the litigation support profession through collaboration, education and certification. We provide a platform where professionals from the space can come together and collaborate on ideas, gain insight on career development and network with likeminded individuals. Aside from partnering with ACEDS, we are in talks with the CLE Board to offer credits for area attorneys at upcoming events.

Whichever industry association you decide is best for you, make sure are getting as much out of it as you put into it.

Have a great weekend! Please contact me with any questions.



Glenmont Group is a boutique search firm that concentrates on Professional Services, with a focus in the Legal & Content space. Because we are a highly focused boutique firm, we offer expertise in the industry that other search firms cannot. Our staff has been trained on, employed in or consulted for these industries so there is no learning curve. This means that you will not see resumes off of "job boards" that seem to have little or no connection to the position you are trying to fill. In fact, just the opposite is true. Our process includes a competitive analysis that identifies the top candidates in your given field. At Glenmont Group, we strive to develop and maintain long-term professional relationships with our clients. We believe in a business relationship based on hard work, cooperation, integrity, trust and a sense of humor. We are also active members in our industries by working on or with the Executive board of our industry trade organizations such as; IQPC, EDRM, LMA, PMA, ALSM, ALA, AIIM, ARMA. This assures constant access to a network of those highest quality candidates who are involved in these organizations.

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