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The Un-Official Start to Summer …The Valuable Life Lessons of a Summer Lifeguard

Posted by Dana Fink, Director of Staffing at Glenmont Group As we enter the start of casual Fridays and Kindle reading lists, I recall a simpler time when summer jobs during school breaks were met with anticipation and dread. Waking up

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Social Media Takeover

Posted by Susan Beck, Project Coordinator at Glenmont Group When I was a kid, my parents chose to place me in a small private school. I went there from Kindergarten through 5th grade with the coolest 7 kids I knew.

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Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Posted by Geoff Zodda, Managing Director at Glenmont Group I don’t know if you had the chance to witness Lebron James and the unbelievable game he played vs. the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Semi’s yesterday, but I did. The whole

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So, This One Time, At Band Camp…

Posted by Adam Weissman, Director, IT and Legal Technology at Glenmont Group I am always intrigued, often confused, and sometimes impressed, by the methods by which people prepare themselves for job interviews. A big discussion topic in the employment world

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Going Mobile?

Posted By Adam Malanaphy, Project Coordinator at Glenmont Group “There were 5 Exabyte’s of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003,” Eric Schmidt said (CEO of Google), “but that much information is now created every 2 days, and

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Pick Up the Phone; It May Be Your Best Career Move

Posted by Joe Alonzo,  Director of eDiscovery/Computer Forensics at Glenmont Group I have read a few recent articles/blogs about the benefits of using of a recruiter and what to expect from people in our business. Many of the benefits are

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RESUME 101 — Back to Basics that People Seem to Forget

Posted by Dana Fink, Director of Staffing, Glenmont Group Lately we have been challenged by candidates, asking for assistance with their resumes. Recruiters, as a rule, are resume readers, NOT writers. Resumes are a brief synopsis of one’s work experience.

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