Optimizing Your Social Media Presence

Posted by Susan Beck, Project Coordinator at Glenmont Group

I came across an article from about a month ago through Legal Technology News. It was written by Kevin Nicols of KLN in San Francisco and touches on 8 different ways to achieve your professional goals through social media. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a number of other avenues. Although the article is geared toward lawyers, associates and the like, I find the social media processes Kevin comments on to be relevant for anyone. Whether you are in the legal industry, working for a technology company, or handling the marketing for your company, you can adapt these skills to your social media presence to help build your professional appearance.

Here is a link to the article, followed by a brief overview: http://bit.ly/w8Hzw0

Are you looking for a good way to promote yourself? Use these 8 tips to successfully maneuver the whirlpool that is social media.

1.  Create a “brand” for yourself: Utilizing your current position and your lifestyle, use pictures and words that accurately describe yourself. Don’t be someone you’re not.

2. Use Twitter for marketing: Just make sure not to do something that will damage your “brand”.

3. Search yourself: Be sure to see how the world sees you. Google yourself every now and again.

4. Check your network: Are you only reaching your immediate friends from your high school? Does your message travel across the globe? Take a look and see who is getting your message – is there a better way to promote yourself?

5. Target markets: Search Engine Optimization will allow your message to reach your target market first and foremost when you utilize new content often.

6. Status updates: How do you best utilize status updates? Is there an easier way to tackle this task?

7. Sharing knowledge: Be sure to find a good place to share messages. Link this to your social media profiles.

8. Communication is key: Be sure to keep an open line of communication with your audience.


Glenmont Group is a boutique search firm that concentrates on Professional Services, with a focus in the Legal & Content space. Because we are a highly focused boutique firm, we offer expertise in the industry that other search firms cannot. Our staff has been trained on, employed in or consulted for these industries so there is no learning curve. This means that you will not see resumes off of "job boards" that seem to have little or no connection to the position you are trying to fill. In fact, just the opposite is true. Our process includes a competitive analysis that identifies the top candidates in your given field. At Glenmont Group, we strive to develop and maintain long-term professional relationships with our clients. We believe in a business relationship based on hard work, cooperation, integrity, trust and a sense of humor. We are also active members in our industries by working on or with the Executive board of our industry trade organizations such as; IQPC, EDRM, LMA, PMA, ALSM, ALA, AIIM, ARMA. This assures constant access to a network of those highest quality candidates who are involved in these organizations.

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