Networking and Being Memorable

Posted by Adam Malanaphy Project Coordinator, at Glenmont Group

Net·work·inga supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest. (

Networking is one of the primary forces contributing to the social media movement which has emerged over the course of this last decade. As one participates in these (predominantly) online communities they are granted direct access to the forefront of a given area of interest. Given the potential that coincides with this system, it becomes obvious that in order to maximize this potential one must seize the opportunity to make a lasting impact on their colleagues. In other words, to be memorable.

Taking the opportunity to visualize oneself as a “brand” is instrumental to the process of becoming more memorable. There is no universal formula that will enable one to market oneself effectively, but playing to your strengths is a good place to start. One useful technique is to make a list of the characteristics that you are most passionate about communicating to your peers and actively focusing on this during the networking process. As one implements the concept of treating themselves as a brand, differentiation occurs. Differentiation will separate you from the pack and contribute toward marketing yourself as a specialist within your area of expertise. This concept has a snowball effect because as others begin to recognize you as a specialist they will think of you every time that your specialty is discussed and more importantly it will trigger a reaction, (and hopefully a business proposition!)

In conclusion, as your colleagues begin to know you, and where you can contribute to their organization, the chance of you becoming more memorable is increased exponentially. Taking some effort to look inward through the lense of an advertising guru will increase return on networking efforts and ultimately make you more memorable!


Glenmont Group is a boutique search firm that concentrates on Professional Services, with a focus in the Legal & Content space. Because we are a highly focused boutique firm, we offer expertise in the industry that other search firms cannot. Our staff has been trained on, employed in or consulted for these industries so there is no learning curve. This means that you will not see resumes off of "job boards" that seem to have little or no connection to the position you are trying to fill. In fact, just the opposite is true. Our process includes a competitive analysis that identifies the top candidates in your given field. At Glenmont Group, we strive to develop and maintain long-term professional relationships with our clients. We believe in a business relationship based on hard work, cooperation, integrity, trust and a sense of humor. We are also active members in our industries by working on or with the Executive board of our industry trade organizations such as; IQPC, EDRM, LMA, PMA, ALSM, ALA, AIIM, ARMA. This assures constant access to a network of those highest quality candidates who are involved in these organizations.

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