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How to Stand out Among the Masses

Posted by Dana Fink, Director of Staffing at Glenmont Group In an increasingly competitive job market, being one of a few as opposed to one of many is the critical factor. The job market of yesterday was far simpler and

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Thanksgiving Lists

Posted by Susan Beck, Project Coordinator at Glenmont Group With Thanksgiving come up tomorrow, I can’t help but think of family and festive meals. Especially this morning, when I woke up at 4am worrying about when I will have the

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Posted by Geoff Zodda, Managing Director at Glenmont Group After watching the horrific Giants performance on Sunday night vs. the Eagles I contemplated not blogging this week. With that being said, a lesson that you learn from watching or playing

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House Buying for Recruiters

 Posted by Adam Weissman, Director, IT and Legal Technology @ Glenmont Group Recently, I changed my commuting route to work, and have noticed a lot of “For Sale” signs in my neighborhood. That got me to thinking about how the

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ARGGGGH! It happened again. Don’t Over-Negotiate!

Posted by Michael Potters, CEO at Glenmont Group I was trying to figure out what to write about today and, to admit it, I was struggling a bit. Then it fell into my lap – though to be honest, I wish that

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Can Today’s Educational System Keep Up With Our Rapidly Developing Society?

Posted by Adam Malanaphy, at Glenmont Group A well-rounded education is arguably the most important element of a successful individual. In theory it makes perfect sense; our children are educated in order to develop skills that will enable them to prosper

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Expect the Unexpected

Posted by Kate Potters, COO, Glenmont Group A freak snow storm, an earthquake, and Hurricane Irene have recently rocked the NY Metro area. Some things are in our control and others are not. Managers change, companies are bought, the economy

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