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Can IT be true?

Posted by Geoff Zodda, Managing Director at Glenmont Group With another firm relocating their IT Operations to less costly locations, the question is whether this is a flash in the pan or a trend that is worth keeping an eye

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The Top 5 Dumb Things Candidates Do to Sabotage Offers and Opportunities

Posted by Adam Weissman, Director, IT and Legal Technology at Glenmont Group Glenmont Group is the largest boutique staffing firm specializing solely in Legal Technology in the country. We place more than 100 professionals every year with AmLaw 200 Firms,

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When does $82,000 make you a millionaire?

Posted by Michael Potters, CEO/Managing Partner at Glenmont Group I was thinking of this the other day when hearing a speech about the Millionaire’s Tax on individuals making over $200k a year. (Just the obvious here – when did $200K

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Sales Resumes: Making an Impact

Posted by Adam Malanaphy, Project Coordinator at Glenmont Group Submitting one’s resume to a potential employer can function either as a catalyst pushing a candidate toward the next stage of the interview process or like an anchor keeping that resume

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“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” – Thanks, Taz

Posted by Joe Alonzo, Director of eDiscovery/Computer Forensics at Glenmont Group Joel “Taz” DiGrigorio, co-writer of the epiq country hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, was involved in a fatal car crash earlier this week on Interstate 40 in

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Catch Me If You Can…On Your Job Search

Posted by Dana Fink, Director of Staffing at Glenmont Group As  golden rules go– “Thou Shalt Not Lie” –is just one of the Ten Commandments. There was a good reason for this. As it pertains to applying for a job, it should be

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Legal Technologies Broken Down

Posted by Susan Beck, Project Coordinator at Glenmont Group Here is an article examining technology use by lawyers in 2011. Nicole Black, a New York attorney, uses the 2011 ABA Legal Technology Survey results to explore the different technologies used

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